Look, we do actually understand just how tempting it might be to gather the gang in the pub for a drink or two before you face the awesome adventure that is The Crystal Maze. We really do. But you shouldn’t. Not beforehand. Once you’ve completed The Maze and – maybe, just maybe – shown it who’s boss, then knock yourselves out. Celebrate all you like. Celebrate until the whole world is your new BFF. We don’t mind. We’ve been there ourselves. Just do it afterwards.

Why? Simple. It’s because we don’t let anybody under the influence of alcohol or drugs enter The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience. And yes, we used that official-sounding phrase for a reason – we’re being very official now. Also worth knowing is this: if you’re refused entry for this reason, we can’t offer any refund or exchanges. And on a more personal note, apart from it actually being unsafe to attempt The Maze when you’re mullered, chances are you’d forget all about it – and we want you to enjoy not only the experience, but the memory afterwards.