Such a simple question, but the answer is in two parts and includes a Jolly Important Notice.

Part 1: once you start The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience, it usually takes about 80 minutes to complete, give or take.

Part 2: before you start, though, there’s lots to sort out. Like a Health and Safety briefing, like some essential paperwork, like a selfie in a sexy shiny bomber jacket – and like the vital ‘Team Talk’ that can make ALL the difference between fist-pumping success and head-hanging disappointment. All this stuff takes about half an hour.

Jolly Important Notice: to make sure you have time to sort out the ‘before you start’ stuff, please make sure you arrive at least thirty minutes before your start time. We actually mean this. It really is Jolly Important.

In any event – *official face* – if you haven’t arrived by the time that’s on your ticket, there’s a chance we won’t be able to let you in. Latecomers will only be admitted up to a certain point in the show, and following that you may not be able to be accommodated, so please do all you can to get here on time!