Here at the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience we play in teams of up to 8. Yes, that’s a bit bigger than on the TV show – and it’s not the only difference. Two other ones that spring to mind – and which you’ll spot yourself soon enough are a) no ad breaks (so make sure you go before you start, if you get our drift) and b) you’re actually experiencing it yourself, live – yes, yes, hence our name – rather than watching it on the telly. Big difference. Huge. And frankly, better – although it’s possible we’re biased.   

What does this mean for your booking, you ask? Well, if you book fewer than 8 people onto a show, then other people may book onto that same show and join your team. After all, teamwork is one of our middle names – for the purposes of this paragraph, anyway!


If you have fewer than 8 people and don't want anyone else in your team, you need to book out all 8 spaces.

If you want to book for more than 8 people, that's all good, too – the more the merrier, and so on! Just remember that you won't all be on the same team, so make sure you split yourselves evenly across teams so that nobody feels left out.

If you want to book more than 32 people, well hello! You ARE popular! And for big groups, we have all sorts of super-splendid ways to make you feel extra-special, so the best thing is to speak to one of our VIP super-support-team – they’re the experts on exclusive hire, deal options and more. You can email them here: