You clever thing, you were one of the great people to take advantage of our Early Booker Offer ticket. 

If you missed the exclusive 48 hour booking window, don’t worry, your code is valid for us for 18 months from the day you purchased it, so you have plenty of time. If you don’t use it 18 months after purchase it will be void. Please note, all tickets are not refundable.

Visit and select London – West End as your preferred Maze. Then do these four easy things – and make sure to read the IMPORTANT THING below them. 

• Select ‘Redeem a gift ticket’
• Enter the code on your gift ticket / voucher / thingy in the box
• Choose the date and time you’d like to book for

• Add any other tickets you’d like to buy

IMPORTANT THING! Be careful when choosing your date and time, because once they’re confirmed your voucher code is voided and you can’t use it again. Told you it was important.

IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE code to redeem then you’re extra lucky! This also means you'll need to call one of Mumsie's little helpers on 0161 791 0727 (9am - 5pm Mon - Sat) and we’ll help you in person. Because you’re extra special, obviously!