The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is a physical experience – there’s some running involved, maybe even some crawling, so you want to leave your expensive stuff at home. Instead, wear clothes that are comfy and easy to move around in, like trainers and sportswear / casual clothes. That’s a hint, by the way – and here’s another: because of the nature of the sets and scenery in The Maze, you really should cover up as much as possible.

Oh yes, another thing. An important thing, too. No high heels – obviously – or open-toed sandals. They’re not permitted for reasons that will be very clear once you’ve completed The Maze.

We have lockers where you can stash bags, coats etc and we recommend doing this because it gets quite warm inside, especially with all that yelling and running around.

As for our Gorgeous and Famous Crystal Maze bomber jackets, you’re welcome to wear them before and after the experience, but because it gets quite toasty in The Maze itself we don’t let you wear them while you’re actually inside. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but we don’t want them getting all icky and sweaty and smelly and gross. Nothing personal, honest.